Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Completed Sneak Peek Project #10

Yep, it is done. Actually it's been done. I've been putting my projects on hold while I work on getting myself organized. I think I have too much on my plate right now. And now that Easter is coming, Ovey! Oh, and reading all your wonderful blogs are dangerous because they add to my list of wants and needs. Have you seen all the Easter egg ideas? Plastic eggs painted brown to mimic chocolate eggs or even flecked painted eggs to mimic robin eggs? Oh, and the egg topiaries? Oh, the wants. I need to head out to the Dollar Tree and get started on mine soon.

Anyhoo, here you go. My SPP #10.

This lampshade was extremely fun to do. I enjoyed sewing the fabrics onto the frame. I had this lampshade frame sitting in my project pile for awhile now (two years, I think). It was just a matter of finding the perfect fabrics for it. The beaded trim was an added feature. I was thinking of attaching a tassel fringe on it, but when I saw the beaded trim, I knew it was made for my lampshade. I must say I am really pleased with the results. In fact, I really enjoy sewing together a lampshade. I have a stack of lampshade frames in my room that I look forward to covering with my designs. I hope to create enough to sell on a future etsy shop. Well, I hope you enjoy it too. I plan on featuring it Cindy's Romantic HOme and Transformation Thursday.

Next week...chocolate bunnies.

Until then, Toodlepeeps.