Monday, September 21, 2009

Sneak Peek Project #6

Here's a table that I've saved all those broken & cracked plates for. This weekend. Me. Table. Broken china, glass & ceramic tiles. Mortar. Grout & sealer. Paint. Diet Dr. Pepper. Quaker's rice cakes. And hours of fun.....I think.

Until then, toodlepeeps.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sneak Peek Project #5 Completed

This base went from this:

to this:

This is the fabric close up. I didn't notice the hanging thread until afterwards. It is now gone.

As I've mentioned before, my mom purchased this at a flea market. She actually purchased two for $8!! What a steal....ooops, deal. When she showed me them, I was thrilled. I knew immediately I wanted to cover mine with a rose fabric, but I wasn't entirely sure of the style. Then it hit me. Why keep it at one color? So I requested my mom to make a footstool slipcover. Yep, slipcover. One - footstools can get dirty if used often, two - slipcovers can be removed and washed, three - you can make different slipcovers with different colors and style. So off to work my mom and I went to make our footstools look fab! It took me close to an hour to paint, cut two wooden bases, and foam & cover our footstools. My mom took about two hours to cut and sew two slipcovers (one for her, one for me). Now that they are done, she's thinking of making another slipcover for me. She's thinking pleats. Go Mom!!

Well, I was going to post my next project today, but it's raining (and boy do we need it!!!). So I'm going to wait a couple of days to post it. The next project is so easy peasy that I will admit it'll take me less than one hour to complete it. I'm really excited to show this one off.

Until then, toodlepeeps.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September's De Anza Flea Market Finds

Well, it was that time of the month again! Shopping at the De Anza Flea Market that is. My mom and I had a delightful time, I must say. I just love spending my thrifting time with her. We managed to find some great vintage goodies.

So let me show and tell:

I adore figurine vases, so when I saw this priced at $4, I knew it was coming home with me. The framed needlepoints were also an instant keeper. I can't resist these types of framed decor! They are so froufrou like me. And Barbie, well,it's Barbie!

Now I got the items shown above plus a bunch of plates (not shown but some are broken & some are good) for $10. Can you beat that? And why buy broken plates? Mosaics!! I've got three mosaic projects on my to-do list so they'll definitely show up as sneak peek projects. Collecting glass/ceramic tiles and broken plates can be difficult. Breaking beautiful plates is even more difficult for me to do. BTW, I also like to collect invalid/mustache cups because they make great vases! No frogs or foam are needed to keep your flowers standing up.

Oh, and I got these too. Aren't these adorable?

Last, my favorite find for Saturday was this.

I really, really like vintage, tole chandeliers. If I could, I would replace all my home lighting with tole chandeliers. And since this is my first vintage, tole chandelier, I'm really excited about this purchase. However, what kind of lampshade does it use with a top like this?

Well, that's it for my flea market finds. I still have to show and tell my thrift store finds when I get a chance; however, I'm definitely going to post the results of my last sneak peek project this weekend. And post the next SP project right after.

Until then, Toodlepeeps.