Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Completed Sneak Peek Project #10

Yep, it is done. Actually it's been done. I've been putting my projects on hold while I work on getting myself organized. I think I have too much on my plate right now. And now that Easter is coming, Ovey! Oh, and reading all your wonderful blogs are dangerous because they add to my list of wants and needs. Have you seen all the Easter egg ideas? Plastic eggs painted brown to mimic chocolate eggs or even flecked painted eggs to mimic robin eggs? Oh, and the egg topiaries? Oh, the wants. I need to head out to the Dollar Tree and get started on mine soon.

Anyhoo, here you go. My SPP #10.

This lampshade was extremely fun to do. I enjoyed sewing the fabrics onto the frame. I had this lampshade frame sitting in my project pile for awhile now (two years, I think). It was just a matter of finding the perfect fabrics for it. The beaded trim was an added feature. I was thinking of attaching a tassel fringe on it, but when I saw the beaded trim, I knew it was made for my lampshade. I must say I am really pleased with the results. In fact, I really enjoy sewing together a lampshade. I have a stack of lampshade frames in my room that I look forward to covering with my designs. I hope to create enough to sell on a future etsy shop. Well, I hope you enjoy it too. I plan on featuring it Cindy's Romantic HOme and Transformation Thursday.

Next week...chocolate bunnies.

Until then, Toodlepeeps.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mini Project #11

It's super cold outside! Today you can call me Two-ply. I'm wearing two of everything. Two socks, two pants (thermals and jeans), and two shirts. I think I can go for a third ply if it gets any

Well, despite the cold weather, I've managed to complete a mini project. This little project took roughly an hour to do, well, maybe even less than that, but I think it came out adorable. I turned a plain mini lampshade to a stylish one.

I ripped off the original fabric lampshade cover. I also had to use it as a template for the newer one which as you can see I used a damask fabric. I thought I was going to sew on the damask lampshade on, but found out that my handy glue gun was better. Last, I glued on the main ribbon, the lining ribbon as well as the ruffled trim. However, I had to dye the ruffled trim from white to cocoa brown before gluing it on. Although it's not fancy shmancy, I think it goes well with my bedroom decor.

I've got two more mini lampshades to work on...those will be a bit frillier, froufier, and, of course, pink!

Oh, in the next couple of days, I will be posting the completed Sneak Peek Project #10.

Until then, more projects to work on.


Monday, February 21, 2011

MIA, Completed Sneak Peek Project #6, and Sneak Peek Project #10

Sadly, I have been MIA. I have been feeling a bit guilty, but I have had SO many things to do with so little time. I promise I will be better. I have completed a handful of projects in the past couple of weeks too, and I am anxious to show and tell.

Remember Sneak Peek Project #6?

Well, it is finally done. Can you believe it took me this long to get it done? I must say it looks fab...just fab. I think my mom has her eye on it. I might just give it to her to make room for a tea cart I have in storage. I thought about giving the tea cart a mosaic touch too, but I am unsure right now. Appliques, decals, mosaics... decisions, decisions. The tea cart is actually low on my list, so it will be awhile before I get to it. Well, here it two tiered, mosaic table (aka Sneak Peek Project #6).

Now, here's a sneak peek into Sneak Peek Project #10.

It's actually the lampshade to the left. The lampshade to the right should be considered Sneak Peek Project #11. I'll get to that post once I am done with SPP #10.

I think I will post the results of SPP #10 on Cindy's Romantic Home Show & Tell Friday and The Shabby Chic Cottage"s Transformation Thursday.

Until then,