Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Great Sale and Find!

Ok, this is not a thrift find, but it was a great find at Big Lots. I was super excited to find it by accident. The original price of it was $69, but I got it for $49. I had seen Target selling just the pans only for like $69 or $79. When I saw the box for these, my eyes could not avert away. I had to have them, so in my shopping cart they went. I love them! Don't you just love pink? I can now cook in style...pink style.

Now, I just need a new stove. Maybe a new kitchen.


Sneak Peak Project #9 Completed

Well, I've managed to sneak some time in to get my projects done.

This one project was fairly simple. Prime, paint, varnish and voila!

From this:

To this:

I hope you can see the colors. I painted the petals Ballet Slipper Pink and Celery Green. I kept the leaves the original color. I love the softer colors. Now, Buttercup can eat in style.

As for SPP#8, I'm done and it looks fab. I just haven't been able to get a photo of it yet. It's so, so nice. Maybe this weekend with my three days off! Yeah!

The patio/sunroom's exterior is done except for the trim and painting. Another project for this weekend. Ovey, but it's got to be done before I start on another project and before it starts to rain.

Until then, on with my next blog.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Sneak Peek Projects #8 & #9

A little table for my sunroom/patio room. Please excuse the ugly mess in the background. I'm hoping to have our backyard cleaned up before the end of the month after we're done adding the s/p room. This table is actually the perfect size for the room. It's very petite. I bought it at a thrift store for $24.99 on sale. Yeah! My goal is to sand, prime, add appliques, paint, and varnish before the end of the week. I was going to paint it Heirloom White, but decided on just plain white. I'm also going to try the gold rub and buff technique (my mom is totally against it), but we shall see. I have four victorian chairs I bought separately to go with this table. They are actually ready to be primed, painted, varnished, and reupholstered, but those chairs will probably be last on my projects list.

Next on my project list is this adorable flower bowl stand.

I bought this bowl set last weekend at the DeAnza Flea Market. As you can see it was only $5. I think it will make an adorable water bowl for my Buttercup. HOWEVER, the colors on the flower stand are not me. The colors are too bold for me. I like pastels and neutrals. And pending on the style, occassionally I do like the dark and rich colors. So tomorrow, I will prime and paint this flower stand a new color. The yellow bowl will stay until I can find a pink or white bowl that will fit.

Well, that's it for now.


To Paint or Not to Paint ????

Ok, I'm back with tons of projects! I've got to get them posted before I get started on them. And there are lots to share.

Well, I'm stumped! I bought this headboard months ago at the Alameda Antiques Flea Market in Alameda, CA. This flea market is wonderful! Just make sure you take enough greenies and a hankie (to wipe the drool off) if you ever visit this place. It has almost everything a person like me could want...from vintage buttons, ornaments, blankies, furniture to ......... you get the picture.

Anyhoo, before I continue to ramble on about this flea..... back to the headboard. I saw it and bought it immediately! I couldn't look away from this piece, it called out "you want me, take me home".. and that's what I did. It's wrought iron with scrolly leaves intertwined. I wish it had some roses intertwined though, but it's still beautiful without them. Now, from the moment I saw it, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to keep it pink/gold or paint it creamy white. Part of me wants to keep its original color, but the other part of me wants it to conform to my guest room's color scheme...which is mainly white and pink. I know pink, so why not keep it pink? I don't know. All the furniture in the room is white. If I do decide to paint it creamy white, it'll be another paint project on my list, but what do you think .. to paint or not to paint? Decisions, decisions.

Until then,

Be on the lookout for two Sneak Peeks coming up within the next couple of hours.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

MIBA - Missing in Blog Action

Boy have I been missing in blog action and missing it too! I apologize. It's been hectic around the Cloud house since the last time I blogged. I haven't been able to get on as much as I would like to, but I'm trying to make every effort to do so. I'm behind on reading my favorite blogs too. I love to be inspired!!

For starters, I've been Fall cleaning. Well, I just started my Fall cleaning. I'm not even done. I just donated a sofa chair to Goodwill and contemplating whether I should donate the coordinating sofa or loveseat. Actually, it's time to get a new sofa. This may be the push to get a new one. I've boxed up a lot of my seasonal stuff as well as themed decorations/collectibles. And I've boxed away toys for storage and a future garage sale. I plan on keeping some of the boys' toys for their childhood memorabilias. I don't have any from my childhood. My parents didn't keep anything of mine, so I want to make sure my boys have a part of theirs. I'm so sentimental!!!

We've started on my sunroom(or patio room) right after my last blog. My back is aching from buying sheets and sheets of plywood and exterior paneled walls. We're trying to move quickly on this room before it begins to rain. Actually, we're focused on getting the exterior done. Once we're done with that, we can actually take our time with the interior. And when I say we, I actually meant my father. I help the best I can. I'm a very good watergirl or tool girl. Husby tries to put in his share of help whenever he can. This week, we will be working on the roof. Tomorrow after work, I'll be heading to Lowe's for roofing shingles. Come to think about it, I've got to get those before pictures taken before it's done. Ovey!

Well, I have an absentee husband. Graveyard shift is a killer. Husby is working it and I typically see him two to three days a week. That's it. He's in law enforcement. I'm starting to feel like a single mother. And for all those single mothers out there, I praise you. It's tough. Whenever he is home, we only see each other for about four to five hours. We try to squeeze in as much family time as we can.

Adding to my hectic schedule was Halloween, birthdays, and Parent/Teacher meetings & events. Bragging here, but my Tristan was one of two students in his class that scored 100% on their basic math test. Also his reading level is at 2nd grade level for a first grader. Both his teacher and I both want him to read at third grade level before the end of the year. Can you tell how super proud and excited I am?

Last, I've got MULTIPLE projects I'm trying to finish before it starts to rain. Besides the sunroom, I have to finish painting one table, five chairs, one armoire, two kiddie chairs, one umbrella bucket, one headboard (maybe), one bench, and one exterior door (both sides). Paint doesn't dry well in cold and wet weather, so I gotta get a move on them. Ugh! I'll try to get those posted on my SPP starting next week or as soon as I can. Until then, I leave you with a Halloween costume prop I made for Tristan this year. It's a pea shooter from a game called Plants vs Zombies. It's a very, very cute game. I highly recommend it!! My mom, of all people, is addicted to it. In fact, my dad, sister, nieces, Tristan, Husby, and Lance are all addicted to it. It's kiddie fun!

Oh, oh, oh! I did manage to squeeze in some thrifting time. I've got a few items I've collected since my last post. In fact, I haven't even shared my finds from my last entry. Boy, I am behind.

Until then, Toodlepeeps!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sneak Peek Project #7 Completed

It's done!

So gals, here it is.

This is by far the easiest Sneak Peek project so far! There was not much to do except paint the birdcage gold, attach the rose swags on, and hang the cherub pendant. That's it. The rose swags are made of a tin material and was really easy to work with. I bought them a few years ago for my backyard, but they sat in my project box collecting dust. I'm glad I didn't get rid of them. This was a absolutely a perfect use for them. The birdcage stand was bought at a city-wide garage sale about four years ago. That too sat in my shed collecting dust or say rust. My original plan was to hang a mini chandelier from it, but I hadn't found the perfect chandy or pendant for it until a couple of months ago. So yesterday, it got a quick makeover and is now put to good decorating use. The only negative about this stand is the base is not sturdy when it has a little bit of weight on it. My father and I have been trying to figure out what we could do to keep it standing straight without tilting. So far,it's just keeping it propped behind a couch. I'm ok with that. I could (in the distant future) cement it to a decorative planter ????? Hmmm. Until then, I'm off to search for pearls for my SPP #6.


Sneak Peek Project #7

I thought I would have Sneak Peek project #6 done by now, but when I thought I was done, it didn't feel right. It didn't feel completed, perfect. So for half a Sunday last week, all I could think of was what my table was missing. And then it hit me, PEARLS! Yes, pearls. So now, I'm gonna have to hit the thrift stores looking for pearl necklaces for my table. Hopefully, I'll hit the jackpot this week so I can finally show off my table.

Anyhoo, here is my next project.

A rusty birdcage stand.

It'll take me at least an hour to transform!

Stay tuned.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Sneak Peek Project #6

Here's a table that I've saved all those broken & cracked plates for. This weekend. Me. Table. Broken china, glass & ceramic tiles. Mortar. Grout & sealer. Paint. Diet Dr. Pepper. Quaker's rice cakes. And hours of fun.....I think.

Until then, toodlepeeps.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sneak Peek Project #5 Completed

This base went from this:

to this:

This is the fabric close up. I didn't notice the hanging thread until afterwards. It is now gone.

As I've mentioned before, my mom purchased this at a flea market. She actually purchased two for $8!! What a steal....ooops, deal. When she showed me them, I was thrilled. I knew immediately I wanted to cover mine with a rose fabric, but I wasn't entirely sure of the style. Then it hit me. Why keep it at one color? So I requested my mom to make a footstool slipcover. Yep, slipcover. One - footstools can get dirty if used often, two - slipcovers can be removed and washed, three - you can make different slipcovers with different colors and style. So off to work my mom and I went to make our footstools look fab! It took me close to an hour to paint, cut two wooden bases, and foam & cover our footstools. My mom took about two hours to cut and sew two slipcovers (one for her, one for me). Now that they are done, she's thinking of making another slipcover for me. She's thinking pleats. Go Mom!!

Well, I was going to post my next project today, but it's raining (and boy do we need it!!!). So I'm going to wait a couple of days to post it. The next project is so easy peasy that I will admit it'll take me less than one hour to complete it. I'm really excited to show this one off.

Until then, toodlepeeps.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September's De Anza Flea Market Finds

Well, it was that time of the month again! Shopping at the De Anza Flea Market that is. My mom and I had a delightful time, I must say. I just love spending my thrifting time with her. We managed to find some great vintage goodies.

So let me show and tell:

I adore figurine vases, so when I saw this priced at $4, I knew it was coming home with me. The framed needlepoints were also an instant keeper. I can't resist these types of framed decor! They are so froufrou like me. And Barbie, well,it's Barbie!

Now I got the items shown above plus a bunch of plates (not shown but some are broken & some are good) for $10. Can you beat that? And why buy broken plates? Mosaics!! I've got three mosaic projects on my to-do list so they'll definitely show up as sneak peek projects. Collecting glass/ceramic tiles and broken plates can be difficult. Breaking beautiful plates is even more difficult for me to do. BTW, I also like to collect invalid/mustache cups because they make great vases! No frogs or foam are needed to keep your flowers standing up.

Oh, and I got these too. Aren't these adorable?

Last, my favorite find for Saturday was this.

I really, really like vintage, tole chandeliers. If I could, I would replace all my home lighting with tole chandeliers. And since this is my first vintage, tole chandelier, I'm really excited about this purchase. However, what kind of lampshade does it use with a top like this?

Well, that's it for my flea market finds. I still have to show and tell my thrift store finds when I get a chance; however, I'm definitely going to post the results of my last sneak peek project this weekend. And post the next SP project right after.

Until then, Toodlepeeps.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of 1st Grade

Can you believe it's that time of year? It just feels like yesterday he graduated from Kindergarten. Boy, time does go by fast!! Lightening fast!!

Today was Tristan's first day of First Grade. He was so anxious to start school because he had to show off his cool, new backpack and light-up Marvel tennis shoes. He was a bit sad that he didn't have his Kindergarten buddies in the same class, but I reassured him that they would see each other during recess (he was so happy when they did get together). I, on the other hand, was internally crying up a storm. I mean even though these are precious moments, they are kinda sad....don't you think? Sniff sniff.

On the way home after dropping Tristan off, Lance and I went to the thrift store to buy a storage container for the millions of Legos all over on my family room floor. When we got home, it became storage of a different kind. Check it out!

Look at Buttercup's face! She has that look that says "help me, please". Lance loves her to death. He literally sleeps with her like a teddy bear. She doesn't mind most of the time because she loves to be held. She is precious and well loved by both the boys.

Well, I'm off to go and hug and kiss my boys and Butter goodnight.

By the way, I did manage to find some goodies at the thrift store, but I'll post those later.

Until then, Toodlepeeps.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sneak Peak Project #5

Yep, another project and definitely more to come. Well, here's a cast iron footstool base my mother found at a flea market last month. Well, a footstool is a footstool, so you can only do so much with it. I just love the details on the legs (sorry if my pics are a bit too dark)and can't wait to whiten it up! Now, if this was staying in our family room, I wouldn't paint it all. I would just make a rich burgundy cover for it, but this will be going in my future sunroom, so it has to be girly - girly. So stay tuned.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Outdoor Chandelier

This isn't a pretty chandelier I must admit. For me, it seems a bit too angular. I bought this chandelier at a flea market roughly twelve years ago. Well, immediately after I brought it home, I realized it wasn't my style. At that time, I was really into and still am into French decor (although I think I over Frenched it...sometimes I wish I started with the vintage/shabby look....anyhoo), so I decided to put this chandelier in my shed. Now, twelve years later, my covered patio (or gazebo) needs lighting. Ding -ding -ding - Light bulb! That chandelier in my shed. Perfect! A chandelier will add a touch of feminity inside my patio. So this chandelier was repainted white and adorned with pink and white prisms. Now, I'm very frou frou. I would have adorned this baby to the hilt, but because it will be outside, I gave it my minimal adornments. So here it is! I'm so girly even outside of my house.


P.S. Sorry for the messy patio. I'm still working on it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sneak Peek Project #4 Completed

With a little touch of paint, the box above was transformed into a little pink delight (see below). Back in February, I was planning on switching my kitchen style from traditional to shabby, but I really like my traditional kitchen. So for now it staying traditional. When I bought this box, I orginally bought it for the shabby conversion, and I also orginally planned on painting and decaling it. Now good things shouldn't go to waste, so I found another good use for it. I'm going to use it in my gazebo (or covered patio) and store plastic utensils, paper plates, and napkins inside of it. Handy, huh? It's a perfect outdoor storage.

I am very pleased with the results. Simple but definitely pink and shabby. I painted it with Krylon's Ballet Slipper pink, added a rose decal on front, sprayed a clear coat on it, and added a pink glass knob. That's it. Shouldn't all projects be like that? Easy Peasy?

Well, let's hope the next project will be easier. So until next time, stay tuned for my next project post.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Sneak Peek Project #4

Well, here's my next project. This project calls for a breadbox makeover; however, this breadbox will not be hiding bread. Shown below is the breadbox I purchased at a thrift store back in February. And since my purchase, it's been sitting in my projects pile. Don't you hate that? Anyhoo, somehow this summer, I've been able to work on my projects pile unlike the past years. I'm actually making some progress. Yeah!!! Well, this weekend, for sure, this breadbox will be done. I already have all my necessary materials to make it look simple yet shabby! I can't wait to show and tell over the weekend.

Until then, Toodlepeeps.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sneak Peek Project #3 Completed - Well Almost!

That ugly, blue little hamper received a beautiful makeover. When I saw the little hamper, I instantly had a shabby vision. My mom, on the other hand, did not. Now, my mom has her eyes on it! Sorry, mom, it's mine - all mine. I've decided that my lovely, little hamper will now store my outdoor linens instead of dirty clothes. It's too good for dirty, stinky socks.

My original shabby vision was just to paint it pink and add some pink pom-pom trim to it. Well, it didn't go as planned, so I had to rethink this project. But maybe it was meant to be because this is way better than I planned. So, my dear friends, this is what it looks like now. Ta da - what do you think?

It was quite fun to do except for the tufting (it was my first time tufting too), but I couldn't quite escape the painting as I was hoping to. Anyhoo, I thought of adding some trim to it afterwards, but I think it would be overly froufrou for a hamper. I think the beautiful fabric alone is enough. The only thing left to do to this hamper now is to add handles on the sides. I haven't decided whether I want gold or cream colored handles, but I'm leaning towards cream.

Well, on to my next project. One down, zillions more to go. I'm going to post my next SP project in the next day or two.

Until then, Toodlepeeps.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Rocking Chair for My Boys

I bought this little rocking chair for my boys a couple of years ago at a flea market.

As you can see, it wasn't that pretty. My goal was to sand it down and paint it up, but I never got around to it until now. Tristan is now six and Lance will be turning three soon, and they both won't sit in that "ugly" chair. I want them to enjoy it while they can before it's too small for them. So over the weekend I bought blue spray paint and painted the chair. I also purchased online a sheet of vintage style decals to apply on it.

Well, here it is.

Now they say it looks cool, and they like the little decals on it. I'm undecided if I want to sand it down a bit to give it a worn look. But in the meantime, I'm going to let them enjoy it.