Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Getting Back into the Groove..and a Mini Project #15

Here I go again...MIBA (Missing in Blog Action). I'm going to try to be a good girl by kicking my butt into action and keeping this up. I just need to slow down a bit with everything else. I'm almost exhausting myself. And now, I've taken on posting for my library's Facebook which includes all my crafts and hobbies too. One of the things that have kept me busy is me purging and reorganizing the little things in my home. That includes labels and containers...bunches of it. I don't know how many garbage and recycling bags I've filled. I still have lots more to go through, and I find it hard to part with my stuff too. With the stuff I did purge, I'm starting to feel relieved. These are some of the labeling I've done with my craft closet.
This was part of my reorganizing. These are all my craft, sewing, jewelry, and dollmaking supplies. I thought I had a lot more of it, but no, this is it; however, it does not include the tons of fabric I have stashed away. Anyhoo, next on my things to reorganize list is sorting my dishes. That's a different blog to post...be on the lookout for that one. I have TONS of dishes...mostly Limoges Havillands and Bavaria china which makes it VERY hard for me to part with. Sheesh. While reorganizing, I did slip in some craft time. I take on so many projects at one time, I tell you I go crazy. I can't stand them sitting in my craft pile nor on my wish list. Ugh. So here's one of my many projects I needed to work on and finally completed.
As you can see I'm a Dr Who fan. I was inspired by a Dr Who cross stitch I saw on Pinterest and thought "I can do this, and I'll make it into a family portrait cross stitch". Well, I did. And let me tell you, if you like long and tedious projects, this one is one of those. This took me exactly one month to finish. Actually I could have finished it earlier had I not ran out as well as selected the most popular embroidery floss at Michaels, #995 Dark Electric Blue. I had to shop around town for this floss. Took me about a week and a half to finally locate it. I started this on January 1st and completed the cross stitching on January 30; however, I wanted to do something slightly unique to this. Instead of cross stitching the mini sign on the Tardis, I did an iron on transfer. I say it looks good. My boys are happy! I cross stitched myself as River Song, my eldest as David Tennant, the youngest as Matt Smith, and our dog as K-9 of Dr Who. I'm not ready to tackle on another one anytime soon, but I do have Star Trek on my mind when I do decide to do another family cross stitch portrait. Well, that's it for today. I do have some flea market/thrift store finds to post next week. Until then, Toodlepeeps!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mini Project #14 - Mirror, Mirror, Little Mirrors

I love mirrors. No, I'm not vain. No, I don't spend hours and hours in front of a mirror. I just love mirror frames. I love unique frames: handheld, compact, vanity, wall, trumeaus, and even trifold mirrors. I have mirrors laying and hanging about my house. So naturally, when I found these two mirrors, I knew I had to have them despite the little bit of work I had to put into them.
For starters, I love Francois Boucher. He's one of my favorite artists. So adding touches of him throughout my house is a must. Marie Antoinette is another fave. Oh to live in the Versailles. Pure elegance!! Boucher and Marie are always on the top of my inspiration list for elegance, beauty, and decorating. Now back to my mirrors. All I did was purchased iron on transfer paper, photocopied my desired prints on them, and ironed them onto to some leftover dupioni silk I had left over. After they cooled down, I started sewing on pearl beads. Once that was done, I tried to fit them in nicely into the mirrors' frames.
So here they are. Mirror, mirror. Can't wait to start on my next project or projects. Until then, Toodlepeeps. Lisa

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mini Project #13 - My New Running Bag

Remember a few years ago when you could find these photo bags everywhere?
When these bags first came out, I purchased a bundle of them to give out as Christmas gifts to my wonderful coworkers. They were a hit! I thought I had gifted them all, but I found one in a craft supply box recently. So, I placed it in my ever growing Things To Do pile. It sat there until until this past weekend when I was trying to reduce the pile. With this bag, I decided to make it my running bag. And to keep it with the running theme, I decided to use special pics instead of inspirational running quotes or pics. I have enough of those posted at my desk at work. So I decided to use my favorite running bibs and pics (from the bib's run)as inpsiration. I just photocopied (which also included reducing the size to fit), laminated, cropped, and inserted the pics into the bag's pockets. And within half an hour, it was done! This by far was one of the easiest projects ever. I love those quick projects!!! And the good thing about this bag, I can alway change the bib and running pics with new ones, or say, new faves.
And speaking of running, I just did one about two weekends ago. Fleet Feet 5K in Pleasanton. My running buds and I earned another bling. This run took us by surprise. We had not one, not two hills, but tons of them. We were not use to them as we are use to flat trails. You should have seen us after this run, we were pouring with sweat and our legs were like jello. Nevertheless, we loved it and would definitely do this race again next year
Until the next project or run... Toodlepeeps. Lisa

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A good use for a coat rack

When I first stumbled across this coat rack at the flea market recently, I thought "that'll hold a lot of coats". Even though the seller was asking for $2 for it, I didn't think I needed it, so I walked away. Let me tell you, this coat rack kept calling me to come back. I was trying to resist it, but sadly, I lost. I went back and bought it. After buying it, I started to feel guilty. I mean I don't have room in my foyer for it, so why did I buy it? Where was I going to put it? Did I just wasted $2? Geez, what were you thinking of Lisa? I drove home kicking myself for making a foolish purchase...or so I thought. Well, as soon as I drove into my driveway, I knew I had the PERFECT use for it. And my friends, this is the perfect use.
This is a perfect way to utilize a coat rack. It's also a unique way to display all your necklaces at once. Just like my earring holder, I can just grab n go. Ah, life is good when simplifying it. Sometimes, a simple object may have a bigger and better use than you expected. Until next week. Toodlepeeps.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mini Project #12

Let's get this blog rolling...I say. I've got lots and lots of projects, finds, and stories to share, so I'll just start the blog rolling with a project. You see this frame??
Well, it used to hold a mirror. I once used in my very, petite foyer of my former home. I was planning on using it in my rented condo, but it cracked en route. Most peeps would either toss, donate, or just sell the frame, but no, not me. I had a plan. I do try to put everything into good use if I can. So, with a little love and gold paint, glue, a roll of window screen, shabby appliques.
This frame turned into this - an earring holder!!
All my dazzling hook earrings (and a couple of pins) are on full display in my bathroom. I can just grab n go!! No more digging through the jewelry box. Well, actually, I still do with the steel post earrings. I guess I have to come up with another earring holder idea for those. Nevertheless, this is art alone in my bathroom. I do hope you've enjoyed this small project. Stay tuned for next week's fun post. Thank you. Until then, Toodlepeeps.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back Again!

It's been about two years since I last posted. During my absence, many life changes occurred. Some good, some bad. For starters, I'm officially divorced. To tell you the truth, I'm relieved. I finally feel like I can live and breathe. At 4, it seems late to start fresh, but I'll take it. I've learned a lot from my failed marriage, and it's made me wiser. I'm now living life for me and my boys the way I wanted, the way it should have been. Since my divorce, I've had to reorganize and re-prioritize my life. One of the things I started to do was running. I'm so glad I did. At first, I ran to numb out the pain. I couldn't stop running and crying. I ran everyday for months ranging from 3-6 miles. Then I noticed something about myself. Running helped me rebuild my very low, self esteem. It pulled me out of my shell. I was becoming a little more active, a little more positive, a little more healthier, and a little more happier. I needed those things. I was finally felling happier about my physical self too. I was always 20-25 lbs heavier for my body. I didn't lie my body. I was actually trimming down and finally feeling confident wearing clothes I love such as tank tops. I noticed I was taking better care of myself..my hair, my makeup. I felt bad that I let myself go while married, but happier that I was feeling and looking better than I ever did while married. I also began participating in runs. I've ran through 5Ks, 10Ks, mud runs, novelty runs, and finally, my first half marathon in May. I have my boys participating in some of my runs as well, which btw, they love doing. I was experiencing new things I wouldn't have if I was still married. I now found new interests such as archery, biking, and now kickboxing. I still love to work on my crafts/d-i-y projects and thrifting, but I'm finding that my calendar is full with other fun activities. I've reorganized my life to fit the old Lisa with the new Lisa. And with beautiful family and friends, life is going good. Now, of course, there are still some icky life obstacles I still need to jump over, but with this new strength in me, I'm sure i can do it. There may be some struggles, but I've come this far, I'm not going to give up.
New Lisa means new changes to this blog too. Besides my craft/d-i-y projects and thrifting, I'm now adding bits of my other interests, old and new, such as running, cooking, non-crafting hobbies and other challenging activities and adventures. Come join me. My goal is to share at least once a week (crossing my fingers that I keep up). If I can share with Facebook, this should be a breeze now. Until my next blog, I'll be in the neighborhood running.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Completed Sneak Peek Project #10

Yep, it is done. Actually it's been done. I've been putting my projects on hold while I work on getting myself organized. I think I have too much on my plate right now. And now that Easter is coming, Ovey! Oh, and reading all your wonderful blogs are dangerous because they add to my list of wants and needs. Have you seen all the Easter egg ideas? Plastic eggs painted brown to mimic chocolate eggs or even flecked painted eggs to mimic robin eggs? Oh, and the egg topiaries? Oh, the wants. I need to head out to the Dollar Tree and get started on mine soon.

Anyhoo, here you go. My SPP #10.

This lampshade was extremely fun to do. I enjoyed sewing the fabrics onto the frame. I had this lampshade frame sitting in my project pile for awhile now (two years, I think). It was just a matter of finding the perfect fabrics for it. The beaded trim was an added feature. I was thinking of attaching a tassel fringe on it, but when I saw the beaded trim, I knew it was made for my lampshade. I must say I am really pleased with the results. In fact, I really enjoy sewing together a lampshade. I have a stack of lampshade frames in my room that I look forward to covering with my designs. I hope to create enough to sell on a future etsy shop. Well, I hope you enjoy it too. I plan on featuring it Cindy's Romantic HOme and Transformation Thursday.

Next week...chocolate bunnies.

Until then, Toodlepeeps.