Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mini Project #13 - My New Running Bag

Remember a few years ago when you could find these photo bags everywhere?
When these bags first came out, I purchased a bundle of them to give out as Christmas gifts to my wonderful coworkers. They were a hit! I thought I had gifted them all, but I found one in a craft supply box recently. So, I placed it in my ever growing Things To Do pile. It sat there until until this past weekend when I was trying to reduce the pile. With this bag, I decided to make it my running bag. And to keep it with the running theme, I decided to use special pics instead of inspirational running quotes or pics. I have enough of those posted at my desk at work. So I decided to use my favorite running bibs and pics (from the bib's run)as inpsiration. I just photocopied (which also included reducing the size to fit), laminated, cropped, and inserted the pics into the bag's pockets. And within half an hour, it was done! This by far was one of the easiest projects ever. I love those quick projects!!! And the good thing about this bag, I can alway change the bib and running pics with new ones, or say, new faves.
And speaking of running, I just did one about two weekends ago. Fleet Feet 5K in Pleasanton. My running buds and I earned another bling. This run took us by surprise. We had not one, not two hills, but tons of them. We were not use to them as we are use to flat trails. You should have seen us after this run, we were pouring with sweat and our legs were like jello. Nevertheless, we loved it and would definitely do this race again next year
Until the next project or run... Toodlepeeps. Lisa

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