Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A good use for a coat rack

When I first stumbled across this coat rack at the flea market recently, I thought "that'll hold a lot of coats". Even though the seller was asking for $2 for it, I didn't think I needed it, so I walked away. Let me tell you, this coat rack kept calling me to come back. I was trying to resist it, but sadly, I lost. I went back and bought it. After buying it, I started to feel guilty. I mean I don't have room in my foyer for it, so why did I buy it? Where was I going to put it? Did I just wasted $2? Geez, what were you thinking of Lisa? I drove home kicking myself for making a foolish purchase...or so I thought. Well, as soon as I drove into my driveway, I knew I had the PERFECT use for it. And my friends, this is the perfect use.
This is a perfect way to utilize a coat rack. It's also a unique way to display all your necklaces at once. Just like my earring holder, I can just grab n go. Ah, life is good when simplifying it. Sometimes, a simple object may have a bigger and better use than you expected. Until next week. Toodlepeeps.

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