Friday, November 13, 2009

Sneak Peek Projects #8 & #9

A little table for my sunroom/patio room. Please excuse the ugly mess in the background. I'm hoping to have our backyard cleaned up before the end of the month after we're done adding the s/p room. This table is actually the perfect size for the room. It's very petite. I bought it at a thrift store for $24.99 on sale. Yeah! My goal is to sand, prime, add appliques, paint, and varnish before the end of the week. I was going to paint it Heirloom White, but decided on just plain white. I'm also going to try the gold rub and buff technique (my mom is totally against it), but we shall see. I have four victorian chairs I bought separately to go with this table. They are actually ready to be primed, painted, varnished, and reupholstered, but those chairs will probably be last on my projects list.

Next on my project list is this adorable flower bowl stand.

I bought this bowl set last weekend at the DeAnza Flea Market. As you can see it was only $5. I think it will make an adorable water bowl for my Buttercup. HOWEVER, the colors on the flower stand are not me. The colors are too bold for me. I like pastels and neutrals. And pending on the style, occassionally I do like the dark and rich colors. So tomorrow, I will prime and paint this flower stand a new color. The yellow bowl will stay until I can find a pink or white bowl that will fit.

Well, that's it for now.


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Ana said...

Welcome back Lisa! I kept popping by once in a while to see if there was anything new going on with you but there were never any new posts. :-( I was so happy when I finally heard from you today...Yay! Your back. I see there are a couple of posts that I've missed. Got to get to reading them...Can't not wait for your new projects to be finished. Until then. Have a wonderful day and awesome new week.

Blessing and a huge "welcome back" hug,