Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm getting a new gazebo!



We have this gazebo in our backyard that's kinda being used as a storage tent. Well, there's no kinda, it is a storage container. Plus, my mother wanted me to purchase another gazebo so she could take mine. I almost did until I was browsing through an old copy of a 2006 Romantic Homes magazine. Lo and Behold, I saw the perfect gazebo. And I decided that I wanted one just like that...well, something somewhat similiar. Anyhoo, I batted my eyes and sweet-talked my husband and father into building me a gazebo. Actually, I guilted my husband. So starting next week, I'm getting my gazebo!! I'm so excited. I can't wait to fill it will all my lovely wrought iron patio furniture. I'm also going to install a chandelier inside of it. Oh, I'm excited writing about it.

I haven't done any shopping recently, and I don't think I will be until my gazebo is completed. This is good because it'll give me time to work on my zillion projects.

Until then.



Lee Laurie said...

Hi Lisa,
I just found your blog through Cindy at 'My Romantic Home'. I went back to the beginning and read it. We have so much in common. Except that I know that I'm a good bit older than you. I love thrift store shopping and decorating my cottage with flea market finds. I can tell that you really love your family. I do as well. I'm so glad that you are getting a gazebo! I've been wanting one for a while too. I already have the furniture and the chandelier. I plan on hanging lace curtains in it as well. I can just picture having dinner in there.

Come visit me sometimes.
Have a great day.

Lee Laurie at A Southen Rose.

Glenda said...

Are you teasing us......were's the picture of it ? LOL

I know when your ready, you'll do the be reveal.