Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Flea Market Finds = Goodies Galore

This month has been a fruitful month of great finds at my local flea markets. I just love them.

At the beginning of the month, I had a very short visit to the De Anza Flea Market (only the first Saturday of every month). Unfortunately, my schedule was crammed with work, appointments, etc that day. I had to race through every aisle which was not exactly fun; however, I did manage to find some goodies. Also, I didn't get to use my improved shopping cart, but maybe next month. Some of the goodies I found at the Deanza flea: two bisque figurines, cake plate, porcelain water can, and a bowl.

And last weekend, I found some more goodies at the Capitol Flea Market. I haven't been to that flea market for awhile. I reeaally like that flea market. Most people who've been there think of it as a junky flea market. That's the point! Treasures for people like me. I found these wonderful goodies there: a cherub pendant lamp, a doll, a wire bowl, beaded light bulb covers, and a bed tray (which was instantly stolen from me by my mom). And I only spent $18 total. I was so delighted - that was a good weekend!

This weekend, I'll be making my rounds at the thrift stores. I wonder what I'm going to find. I hope I have goodies to share.

Also, I've got a sneak peak project #2 to post as well as the results of sneak peak project #1. I'm going to get them posted asap.

Until then, I've got more projects to work on and more goodies to hunt for.


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Lee Laurie said...

You found some neat things! I love going to junky places like that! I love to dig! I love the hunt!