Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm getting a new gazebo!



We have this gazebo in our backyard that's kinda being used as a storage tent. Well, there's no kinda, it is a storage container. Plus, my mother wanted me to purchase another gazebo so she could take mine. I almost did until I was browsing through an old copy of a 2006 Romantic Homes magazine. Lo and Behold, I saw the perfect gazebo. And I decided that I wanted one just like that...well, something somewhat similiar. Anyhoo, I batted my eyes and sweet-talked my husband and father into building me a gazebo. Actually, I guilted my husband. So starting next week, I'm getting my gazebo!! I'm so excited. I can't wait to fill it will all my lovely wrought iron patio furniture. I'm also going to install a chandelier inside of it. Oh, I'm excited writing about it.

I haven't done any shopping recently, and I don't think I will be until my gazebo is completed. This is good because it'll give me time to work on my zillion projects.

Until then.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Deanza Flea Market - April

I love the Deanza Flea Market! I usually find some great stuff there. I always look forward to the first Saturday of every month. Some months are good and some bad. My mom and I try never to miss this day. She goes for her plants and I go for my vintage finds. My sweet mom is like a hawk too. She can spot something that we both like and want from a distance. She'll make me run after it too. "Lisa, go,go,go, I see this!" She's great.

Anyhoo, this is what I found this month.

I collect dolls. So when I found this Tiny Tears with caracul hair, I was elated. As for the pink, vintage table cloths, I thought they were curtains, but I was wrong. I can't wait to use them on my wrought iron patio table this summer.

The picture frame, linen towel, & plates were hidden treasures in a box full of "junk"!

This Croscill duvet cover looks better in natural sunlight. I was tickled to get a great deal on it. I just need to find the matching shams.

So when searching, don't forget to look into those grubby boxes you might think yucky. They can be chest full of treasures.

Until then,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Look what I was missing?

I haven't gone to an Estate sale for about 3-4+ years. When my eldest son started walking, I took a break from Estate sales. When I thought I could get back into it, I had my second child. I missed it. But with two young, hyperactive boys, there is no way I will take them with me. I mean flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores are ok, but not Estate sales. Estate sales + 2 boys = disaster. Not that I had any, but I know my boys enough to not take them.

Anyhoo, while browsing through Craigslist for a curio Thursday night, I saw an ad for an Estate sale on Friday, 4/3. I knew at that point I had to go. I'll just drop my eldest at school, dump my youngest with his favorite Grandpa, plunk my mom in the car with me and zoom to the Estate sale. For starters, you had to sign up and be on a list. The sign up list would start Thursday night. My mom and I decided to take a quick drive over and sign up. The ad gave a street name, but no house #. I figured that they would have a sign that would say "ESTATE SALE" plastered all over the street or house. NOpe. I drove up and down the street looking for this house. I gave up and went home. The next day, we went back to the street expecting that the estate sale sign would definitely be up. NOpe. I had to find the house with the most cars parked in front of it. I get there and signed up. My mom and I were #30 and #31.

When they finally opened at 9 am, they only let the first 11 people in. These eleven people had the house to themselves for about 45 minutes before they allowed the next 11 people in. And while I was waiting, everything I saw in the ad that I wanted was being purchased...cast iron & wrought iron patio furniture, jewelry, china, planters, paintings, etc. I was slightly crushed. After a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes of waiting, they got to #24 when they decided it was a free for all. Well that didn't go well for the rest of us who signed up. We made such a stink that they followed through on the list.

When I got in, my mom and I were slightly dismayed (practically everything in the house was SOLD); however, we did walk out with some goodies. Some of my favorites are the chandelier frame ($3), the electric scissors (.50c), and the figurine lamp . I like all my other goodies too so I won't complain too much!

Here are my lucky finds:

This is what I'm missing at Estate sales. There were a lot of resellers there too, but they cleaned the place before I got in. I know, I saw some of the sellers at the Deanza Flea.

Now what do you think I did the next day?

I shopped at the Deanza Flea Market

Maybe I'll save that for tomorrow's blog.


Monday, April 6, 2009

I Heart Mirrors! Can't get enough of them!

Our computer was fried. It took Fry's a week and a half to tell us it was. And let me tell you, I was upset. It's been tough not having a computer and, in some ways, it's sad. I've become so dependent on it. Ovey! So here I am typing away on our new computer. I hope this one will last a long time.

Everytime I see a mirror that I adore, I grab it. I have no space for another mirror in my house, but I can't stop buying "just one more".

Take a look.

This one is in my office hallway. Venetian mirrors are so glamorous.

This one is in my master bathroom above our sink. Excuse the mess. This photo was taken before I cleaned up.

These are in a small hallway.

And this one is above the master tub across from the master sink. It looks so lonely there. I think when I find the right candelier, I'll hang in front of this mirror.

Oh, I've got a lot more to share, but maybe I'll save it for another mirror show and tell day!

However, I wanted to show you my latest project. It was a mirror I found at a flea market years ago. I had shabby plans for it. I was going to paint it white and decoupage a rose print inside of it, but instead, it sat in my closet until about a month ago. This is what I created. Oh, it's not shabby, but I think it's perfect. Here are my before and after photos.

That's my baby boy. Isn't he cute?


Another before

And after

And more afters.

I love this mirror! It was so fun to make. I wish I could make more of these using differnt prints and appliques. But for right now, I've got more projects in the works, projects to share, and a backlog of my latest finds to share.

Until then,


Wait, We just celebrated my 6 year old's birthday party at The Jungle. Here's my baby (with his mouth stuffed with pizza)! Love you Monkey!