Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Computers Down at Home

WoW! My computer and my husband's laptop went kaputzies on us. Right now, I'm at work early to vent a bit. It's been about a week now that I have been unable to blog. My husband claims it will be fixed by this weekend. We'll see as I've got photos to load up, emails to reply to, blogs to checkout, and blogs to post. Until then, while I'm waiting, I will be working away on my smaller projects, house cleaning, and yard/garden weeding.

Speaking of projects, it has been quite cold around here. And while I don't mind the cold weather, I do mind not being able to get my painting projects done. I mean the "spray" painting projects done. I suppose I can use a paint brush, but some things are better painted by the can. I know I've been complaining about this for a while now, but I really, really want to get my projects done soon. I have a stack of stuff in my living room that's becoming an eye sore.

On the lighter side, my son's birthday (he's turning 6) is this weekend although his party is next weekend. So my mind has been preoccupied with gift ideas, etc. As for the party, I left it for "The Jungle" (a play gym for kids). They are taking care of EVERYTHING except for the cake. Nice. Oh, it's another year of the Spiderman theme for him. I was hoping for pirates or something else, but nope, it's Spiderman again.

Anyhoo, must get to work.


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