Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pink Toile at Target

Oh. My. Gosh. I was at Target with my mom yesterday shopping for a birthday gift, and we both decided to stop by the Rachel Ashwell's bedroom linen section before we checked out. However, when we got there, her aisle was blocked off by boxes of new inventory. So we decided to checkout the bathroom section. The minute I saw it, my jaw just dropped. PINK TOILE. I love pink toile. In fact, I love TOILE - pink just made it even better. I was so giddy. I wanted to buy the entire collection, but I had to remain calm & collected. PINK TOILE!!! Anyhoo, I didn't walk out with any RA's pink toile collection- sniff, sniff. I had just spent the majority of the day at the thrift stores, Home Goods, etc. So I knew I had spent enough for the day. I did get some great buys though which I'll show you later. So until my next paycheck or a RA sale, I'll be thinking of a pink toile bathroom. PINK TOILE!


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