Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Thrift Finds

August has been a very busy month for me, but I did manage to find time to find some goodies to share. Now, what I have posted is just some of the fab finds. The others I will post as Sneak Peek projects, so here you go:

The girl statue is actually a lamp. So here she is with a lampshade. I'm not sure if I want to keep this lampshade on her, but in the meantime, it will do. I already have four lampshade in the works. And since they are being hand-sewn, it does take a lot of time.

Now I love, love tapestry. So I was excited to find the petite piece. I'm planning on creating it into a lavendar satchet. A pink ribbon and creamy tassel trimming!! OOh, can't wait to show that off. And the clock? $2.99!! Yes, it's missing the face, but that can be fixed for less than $10. I might put that piece in my guest bathroom. As for the salt & pepper shakers and plate, what can I say? Five dollars each. You can't beat that...well......

Well, gotta work on my next couple of sneak peek projects. Remember Sneak Peek project #8, that bargain, petite table? Well, it is finished. Give me a day or two to get it posted.

Until then,



Lisa said...

Hi Lisa:

I just found your blog and went through all your posts! You have great style! I love all your projects. I am now becoming your newest follower. I hope you'll come and vist me sometime soon.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi,I found you because you stopped by my blog and left a message~ I just wanted to let you know that I have that EXACT same little girl lamp!!! I LOVE her!! She is in my bedroom on one of my bedside tables. I found her originally at a thrift store but thought she was too much so I waited. A couple months later, I found her again at a different thrift store (same chain) and she was marked down- She was mine! I was so excited! I have loved her ever since!
Thank you for your comment on my bathroom remodel! :)