Monday, August 2, 2010

Life Changes and Moving Forward

A little over eight months have passed since my last blog entry. And since then, I have made some dramatic life changes. The path I've taken has been a bit bumpy, but I hope with a little faith and preserverance, it will smooth out. After twenty years together, my husband and I have parted ways. Whatever our feelings for each other, we are still united in raising happy and healthy boys. Tristan and Lance are doing well since our breakup. Sure, they've had their moments, but they are fully aware that we will always provide the love and guidance they need. They will always be our focus, my focus. I will try not to dwell on this part of my life but focus on the new challenges/changes that lay before me.

One of the new changes in my life is going from owning a home to renting a condo. Boy, was that a change. It was tough. I cried many nights, but what is gone is gone. The best thing I can do now is make my new home as beautiful and dreamy as my old home. That's going to be a challenge. So, be on the lookout as I continue with more of my sneak peek projects, thrifty finds, and decorating ideas. My list of projects is L.O.N.G! I can't wait to get started; however, I also have a little more unpacking and decorating to do. Please bear with me, but I'm glad to back at blogging.

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