Monday, September 6, 2010

A Petite Armoire

Like I need more furniture in my little condo, but when I found this armoire last week at my local Goodwill, I bought it on the spot. I need storage in my condo like you wouldn't believe, so I am using this armoire to store some of my scrapbooking, decorating, and office supplies and files. And it's the perfect size too! It is 49" tall, 36" wide. Now, this armoire maybe small, but it is H.E.A.V.Y. OMG! Carrying this thing from my sister's van to the base of my condo complex's stairway entry was torture. Worse, we wanted to give up after lifting it three steps up the stairs. Luckily, two young men (thank goodness they were around) felt sorry for us and helped. I mean, we began sweating as soon as we slid it out of her van. We didn't know how heavy it was because the Goodwill helpers placed it in her van. This armoire is not particle board material, it is wood. And now, it happily sits in my living room.

Problem....well, at least for me. I can't leave it alone. I mean, I can't leave it black, and I can't leave it plain. I have the itch to add it on my already growing decorating project list. This armoire looks fine, but my head keeps telling me it needs appliques and it needs to be stained a dark, rich brown (mahogany?). I would love to paint it white, but unfortunately, white does not go with my living room decor. Here are some inspirational armoires. So what do you think?

Yes, it's black, but check out the appliques. Ooh, and the knobs.

Yes, it's white, but check out the intricate designs. Scrumptious.

And finally, this one. Lovely. The color is just right for my living room.

Well, it will be a while before this petite armoire gets a facelift (it is on the bottom of my list), but when I finally get to it, I hope to have a decision on color and design. I will figure something out, but until then, decisions, decisions.



Lisa said...

What a great find! This is a great piece and yes, I can totally see it all done up with beautiful appliques. It almost looks identical to your inspiration photos. And the best thing is, it is lovely just as it is so although it's at the bottom of your list, it'll still look very pretty in your condo until you can get to it!

Bree said...

I love it. I like the first inspirational photo the best its pretty much an exact match. I like the black too. Awesome find!


Kristi said...

Hi there, I am new here but HAD to comment that you got a D E A L!!! That little petite armoire is Ethan Allen and solid maple underneath! I know this because I have the exact armoire sitting in my LR right now! And yoru right it is HEAVY!!!! If you strip it, you can stain it to look like the last picture(the one you said is perfect)because that is the EXACT color of mine! :)