Thursday, December 2, 2010

A couple of Mini Projects to share

It's been a while since I last blogged. Just when I thought I was done with a project or dilemma, well, let's just say I feel like I'm playing my kid's whack-a-mole game. I hit one mole and another one pops up. But isn't life like a whack-a-mole game?

To start off my blog, I want to say if you own a digital camera, don't forget to download your photos onto your computer or print them asap. Two weeks ago, one of two guilty parties (My niece or Lance) deleted the photo files in my camera. Pictures from Tristan's first day of second grade, Halloween, Lance's birthday, decorating projects etc were deleted. Let me tell you, I cried for days and kicked myself multiple times for not saving them on to my computer. These visual memories were deleted, trashed, wiped out, name it. Sure, I will always have those memories in my head, but it would have been so nice to have them on paper too or even saved on disc. Ho hum.

Well, the last coupule of weeks, I completed a handful of projects, but I'll only show and tell two of them today. I'll also be sharing them on Cindy's Romantic Home Show and Tell Friday.

The first project I'm sharing is a coffee filter wreath. I was inspired by the many blogged filter wreaths (they are so adorable). So I jumped on that wreath wagon. For two days, I enjoyed soaking and drying my coffee filters and glueing and poofing up my wreath.I also added pearl picks to it. This was an easy project. Even a novice craft person can do this.. so give it a try. Tada!

I was thinking pink for my next coffee filter wreath! Can't wait to share that one.

The second project I'm sharing is a wooden jewelry box. My coworker, Cathy, gave this copper painted jewelry box with rhinestone charm on top and four purple fleur-de-lis stenciled on it (Sadly, the pic for this box was deleted). The colors didn't go with my bedroom color scheme, so I decided to give it a paint job. I spent two days working on this box. I sanded the fleur-de-lis off (I don't recommend hand sanding)and painted it pink. I didn't want to prime it because I actually wanted the copper to peak through when I sanded it for that distressed look. I glued rhinestone charms on the drawer handles. Once it was completed on the outside, I decided it wasn't made for jewelry, it was made for silverware. I have one more step to do which is lining the inside with contact paper, felt, or decoupaging it with decorative paper. Until then, here you go.

Here's a sample of the copper paint the box was painted in.

Very girly, don't you think?

I do have two more mini projects and the many flea market/thrift store finds I need to show and tell. Maybe in a couple of days.

Until then..


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Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Hello Dear Lisa ... I am so sorry about you losing your pictures! That is awful and I can see why you shed a lot of tears over that! Yikes but at least NOW you know what you need to do to protect them. I can also see that you've been busy crafting in between playing whack-a-mole! I love your wreath ... it looks so vintage with the tea-stained filters. And the addition of the pearls is fabulous. Your jewellery box-turned silver storage also turned out beautifully! You're very clever! Have a great weekend!