Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Last Minute Decor Projects

Can you believe Christmas is tomorrow and 2011 is like a week away? Wow, this year went by FAST, don't you think?

And speaking of time going by too fast, I still have holiday projects to complete. I don't think I will get them done by tomorrow, but I guess I can start prepping for next Christmas. Hee hee.

About three weeks ago, I bought these cute frosted, glass pine cone ornaments at Goodwill. When I came across them, I immediately imagined them mixed in a glass vase with other ornaments. Then a week later, I came across these silver, plastic pine cone ornaments at the same Goodwill. I liked the glass ones a lot and wasn't sure if I wanted the plastic ones. Then all of a sudden, Ding, ding, ding - light bulb! Can I make them pink? Well, it looked easy to do, but it didn't go as PERFECTLY planned. I primed them before I spray painted them pink. HOWEVER, they turned orange. Not only did they turn orange, they started to bubble and crack. I was sooooo disappointed. I dreaded sanding them down, but decide to give them a quick coat of pink paint. It worked. The orange disappeared, but, of course, the cracklies did not. But hey, I didn't give up. I decided to add glitter glue to the cones petals. That was magic. The glitter glue practically covered up most of the cracklies. yeah!!!! So now they are hanging from my little tree.

At the same time I found the silver, plastic pine cones, I found this adorable pink skirt. The minute I saw it, I knew it was coming home with me. But, wearing it is currently not an option....well, at least for now. I decided it was going to be this year's tree skirt. I've been looking for a tree skirt that would match my tree's decor. I've seen white and silver, white and gold, pink and gold, and more gold-mixed tree skirts. And if I did see a pink tree skirt, it didn't appeal to me. This skirt will do for this Christmas, but I've already imagined next year's skirt. I've drawn it down and plan on making it next month. Yes, next month. As you can see in the pic, Buttercup likes my tree skirt too.

This year I had to find stockings for my boys. I already have stockings for them, but I may have misplaced or tossed them during the move this year. More likely misplaced them; nevertheless, I immediately bought a Star Wars stocking for Lance. As for Tristan, I did hit a roadblock. When I asked him what color and style of stocking he wanted, he said skeletons or zombies. Skeletons-zombies-Christmas, ummm, ok? Anyhoo, I decided that if that's what he wanted, that is what he is going to get. I drew up a design and a pattern on tissue paper. All I need was the fabric. I went to three different fabric stores and found nada. I then decided to go on ebay. Ebay has everything, I know I will find it there. Well, before I could, I found a flannel blanket with skeletons at Big Lots for $3. This stocking is not completely done, it still needs a bell and some buttons, but it'll do for now. When Tristan saw his stocking, I think I heard "awesome, cool, rockin, mama,you're the best" way more than I expected. BTW, Grandma sewed up the stocking. Mama, you're the best, you rock, and I love you!

Well, I best be going. I have yet to wrap up any presents. Yikes!!

Again, Merry Christmas and God Bless!!


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