Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to blogging & sharing


I'm back after a very long break. I'm hoping I can keep up with my blogging.

With a little introduction, I'm a mom to two little boys, Tristan and Lance, who loves vintage, shabby, and french designs. My home is a mix of all of them. I love shopping at all the big name thrift stores, flea markets, garage sakes, outlets, and of course, auctions. My husband calls me a "junk collector", but he's very supportive of me. He says that our little home is beautiful, cramped, and very froufrou. I'm just so girly.

My boys and my mother have been keeping me busy. I spend more time at my mom's house than mine that I sometimes can't keep up with my own home & projects. I truly enjoy doing things with and for my mother, but I also want my home to finally be comfortable & beautiful. My house is almost like a storage center right now. I'm having to take small projects to work just to get them done - on my lunch break, that is. My to-do list is getting longer and longer. I need a vacation just to get them done, and then I'll need a vacation from all the projects.

Anyhoo, during my break, I did spend a lot of my time going to the thrift stores (with mom) shopping for wonderful buys & future projects. I love creating trash to treasures. I'm addicted to it. I've purchased a lot of wonderful things & projects I want to share.
But for starters, I'll start with this small project for today's blog. I bought a beautiful bread box last year. It was pink, porcelain, & beautiful.. However, I noticed a crack on the lid last month. I wanted to cry. I haven't had it for very long and now it's damaged. So now the damaged bread box will be a planter box. However, I found this silver metal bread box at my local thrift store. My mother thought it ugly when she saw it. She really didn't want me to buy it. It was $5.99 with a 30% discount. What do you think? It's got potential, don't you think?

My plan is to spray paint it pink and add a shabby rose decal on the lid. I won't have to worry about cracked lids or making it into a planter box. It's been raining awhile for now, so it's another project on the waiting list. Once the sun peers through the clouds, I'm gonna hop to it. Wish me luck. Once I'm done, I'll share with you the results.

Since today's a holiday, I plan on dragging my husband to the thrift store. I have another project in mind. I know, another project. I'm looking for one of those large tin wall pockets. I use to see them around ALOT, but I never did put a project thought to them. Now when they are not around, I want one. What I want to do is find one so that I can give it a crackled stain and stencil "The Clouds Est 1996" on the front. I want to hang it on my front door. I do hope I find one today.

Well, I hope to be a regular. And I really want to share with you my creative vision, wonderful buys, my collection & of course, my family.


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